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Growth Models Guide + Product Resources Bundle

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Product Resources Bundle:

  1. E-book: Product Growth Model Guide
  2. 300+ Product Templates, Resources and Frameworks
  3. Product Design/Product Sense Interview Round Preparation

Read below for details on contents of all three:

The growth model guide (E-book PDF) consists of:

Understanding your product/market fit: The foundation of any growth model

Product-led growth: Leveraging your product to drive growth

Sales-led growth: Using sales tactics to acquire and retain customers

Marketing-led growth: Creating a brand and generating demand through marketing channels

Hybrid models: How to choose a combination of growth models for maximum impact?

300+ Product Resources toolkit is a collection of publicly available as well as specially curated non-publicly available product management resources collated by below categories:

1) 🔥 Sample Product Manager Resumes and Template

2) 🔥 Product Sense Interview Round Preparation (35 min video)
(15 mins of Product Sense Interview Approach + 20 mins of example case study live on Video)

3) 🔥 Product Books

4) 🔥 PRD Templates

5) 🔥 Dashboard samples and Product Metric Templates

6) 🔥 Product Launch Templates

7) 🔥 Go To Market Templates and Planning

8) 🔥 Sample Business Financial Models

9) 🔥 Prioritisation Frameworks

10) 🔥 Product-Led Growth Articles

11) 🔥 Product Vision Templates

12) 🔥 75+ NOTION Templates for Product Managers

13) 🔥 A/B Testing Templates

14) 🔥 Team Meetings Templates

15) 🔥 Business / Product Strategy Frameworks

16) 🔥 Product Discovery Methods

17) 🔥 Managing Complex Projects

18) 🔥 Product Roadmap Templates

19) 🔥 Product Manager Levels and Skill Assessment

20) 🔥 OKRs - Templates

21) 🔥 Business and Product Review Meetings

22) 🔥 Product Market Fit Articles and Framework

23) 🔥 User Research Templates

The Product Sense Round Interview Round Toolkit consists of recorded video on the approach that has helped me clear product sense interview rounds 100% of times with top tech companies. The toolkit consists of:

1. 16 minutes video of Product Sense Interview Approach
- General Approach
- Standout Approach (The secret to great product sense interviews)
- Combined recommended approach (called - 'You're in room with others' approach)
- Walkthrough of the final approach

2. 20 minutes video of Product Sense Interview : Practice Example

- We will practice together "As a Product Manager, build Amazon Bank"
- Using "You're in room with others" approach, we go through clarifying questions and assumptions, we understand company's vision and strategy, SWOT analysis and come up with ideas and Features. Then we talk about feature prioritisation and how it should map to success metrics
- We end with a summary "Product Pitch" in which you share your vision of the product
- Practice / Practice / Practice

3. One page google document with youtube videos and readings for more practice

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Growth Models Guide + Product Resources Bundle

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